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Admob: An effective way to monetize your Cordova/Phonegap App

Admob: Mobile Advertising Having mobile apps integrated with Admob, InMobi, MobFox or any other mobile advertising networks to monetize your app, is a great way to increase your earnings. These platforms take advantage of the ever-growing possibilities of constant mobile… Continue Reading →

Closure Compiler – Make your Phonegap apps run faster and safer

The Closure Compiler The Closure Compiler is an open source tool for making JavaScript download and run faster, and is also a free online service offered by Google. Instead of compiling from a source language to native machine code, Closure… Continue Reading →

Apache Cordova: Getting Apps to compile faster on NetBeans

Apache Cordova A while ago, I was looking at ways of developing mobile applications and found about Apache Cordova. Apache Cordova, commonly known as PhoneGap, provides a group of APIs that enable you to develop an application with HTML, CSS… Continue Reading →

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