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Program Execution Model and External Resources

When developing software, especially when it’s meant to run high-performance tasks, it’s important to be aware of how the code  will run on the target machine. This is known as the execution model and is important to optimize the code… Continue Reading →

X-Men and JavaScript. Mutation and Spaghetti

Mutation means to be able to change an object’s form, behavior or nature. Something that’s mutable can be changed, while something that’s immutable cannot. In order to begin talking about mutation and why (in most cases) it’s not a good… Continue Reading →

Big Data, MapReduce and Julius Caesar

In today’s data-driven market, MapReduce is one the of the hottest technologies, along with BigData, Hadoop and NoSQL database engines. But what if I told you that MapReduce really was invented by Julius Caesar, the famous Roman emperor? Julius Caesar… Continue Reading →

Node.js Inside Out

The first thing we need to know about Node.js is that it is Platform, not a Framework. It contains many components to develop, test and deploy Enterprise applications. It’s an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime. The Node.js project began in 2009… Continue Reading →

ACID or BASE databases? Consistency versus Scalability

Internet-based systems have grown in popularity over the last few years. Whether you are building an application for end users or an enterprise-level one, if the application grows (either in user or transactions count) and the relies upon persistence, then… Continue Reading →

AppConfig and Cordova: Getting EMM configuration data

One of the most significant announcements that came out the 2016’s Mobile World Congress is the birth of the AppConfig Community,  a collaboration of some of the top Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) providers. What is AppConfig? When Enterprise Mobility Management… Continue Reading →

XCode 10 upgrade makes Cordova builds fail

Trouble with XCode 10 and Cordova Apps Attention Cordova, Phonegap and ionicframework developers! This quick tip might save a couple of headaches and lost development time. A few days ago, Apple launched XCode 10, an upgrade with many new features and… Continue Reading →

Integrating Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to company devices

With the advent of mobile devices and cloud-based systems, one of the biggest challenges for enterprises has been securing devices and configuring applications. And that’s where Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) comes into play. What is EMM? As smartphone and tablet… Continue Reading →

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