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Bulk Upload custom posts to WordPress

WordPress is a flexible CMS and allows to manage a large number of posts that doesn’t limit users to regular “posts” and “pages” types of content through the use of custom posts. WordPress also has built-in post import tools using… Continue Reading →

Customize WordPress’ Post Management Page

The posts list and management page in WordPress is where you see the list of posts, pages, etc. along with some basic info: the post’s title, author, categories, etc. These details give blog managers a quick overview of the posts… Continue Reading →

WordPress dead links – Redirect 404 errors to avoid SEO impact

What are dead links? WordPress evolved into much more than a blogging platform. It has become a full-fledged CMS, with many tools to enhance both article writing and management. However, WordPress (or any other CMS) can’t avoid dead links, usually… Continue Reading →

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