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Articles on these pages contain include Javascript samples and tutorials that help developers to build dynamic and fluid web pages easier and faster.

JavaScript event bubbling and capturing

The concepts of JavaScript event bubbling and event capturing (also known as event trickling) were introduced to deal with situations where a single event, such as a mouse click, may be handled by two or more event handlers, each defined… Continue Reading →

Accordions or Tabs? Why not both?

Accordions and Tabs Accordions (Collapse components, in Bootstrap’s parlance) are widely used on the websites to manage a large amount of content or long navigation lists by splitting them in vertically-split blocks. Using the Bootstrap Collapse components you can either… Continue Reading →

Control HTML5 Audio and Video using a JavaScript API

Not long ago, adding a video to a web page implied quite a lot of work (and a bit of luck) as videos were not supported by browsers. Instead of using  HTML or a native JavaScript API, developers had to rely… Continue Reading →

Debouncing JavaScript events to prevent jerky action

Problem: Jumpy execution during UI changes JavaScript has a few events (resize, scroll, touchmove, mousemove, etc), which keep firing during the whole duration of the action, not just once. That may serve some purpose sometimes but most of the time… Continue Reading →

jQuery Mobile collapsible sets. Move content to the top

Accordions, also known as collapsible sets , allow to show a large amount of step- or category-arranged content using a minimal amount of space. This is especially useful when screen sizes are small, such in a mobile device, or when… Continue Reading →

Popups – Add content using JavaScript

Popups can be useful Let’s face it. Popups are not a nice browser feature and they can be very annoying. But, in some situations, they can be useful and it’s important to know how to work with them. Especially when… Continue Reading →

Going back in time. 2400 MS-DOS vintage games to enjoy on your browser

Classic, beloved vintage games like Tetris, Giana Sisters, Prince of Persia or Wolfestein 3D are a part of those of us who have more than 20 years. To many of us, these games really marked an era in gaming entertainment…. Continue Reading →

Info-FICH: Faculty Information Integrated System

This project’s main goal is to create a Faculty integrated information system and was put forward to fulfill the Faculty’s information requirements (either specific, aggregated or statistical data). The system takes data from external databases currently and provide a growing… Continue Reading →

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