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Posts about CSS, the language used for describing the presentation of a HTML document. Neat tricks and useful tutorials

Using a Responsive Background Video

Until a couple of years ago, page loading speeds were a major limitation in website design. And while it still is a design factor, developers are less concerned about bandwidth and turning more often to media-rich website, where video plays… Continue Reading →

Swoosh! Using CSS3 transforms to animate page elements

CSS3 transforms are very powerful tools as they lets you modify the coordinate space of the CSS visual formatting model. Using transforms, page elements can be translated, rotated, scaled, and skewed using only CSS properties with no JavaScript at all…. Continue Reading →

“Rotate-on-Hover” 3D Gallery using CSS3 transforms

There are many galleries that make use of CSS3 transforms nowadays. They bring all sorts of effects to attract attention to pictures and, eventually, invite viewers to visit other pages, subscribe to a blog, etc. This is a simple CSS3… Continue Reading →

CSS transforms: Creating animations without JavaScript

What are CSS transforms? With CSS3 came a new swatch ways to position and alter elements: CSS transforms. CSS transforms describe the rendering of structured documents on screen, on paper, in speech, etc. transformed in two-dimensional or three-dimensional space. This… Continue Reading →

Use CSS for centering content more efficiently and without pain

Centering was very simple in the old days, where everything had a fixed size and content would (at most) be horizontally centered inside a DIV by using text-align:center. Nothing was simpler than that. Back in those good old days, everything… Continue Reading →

CSS tables – display tabular data without tables restrictions

Tables are one of the very few choices in our palette when it comes to displaying tabular data, such as reports, statistics, comparison charts, checklists, etc. Without doubt, they are very easy to understand and they usually convey information very… Continue Reading →

Fluid layout with right sidebar – Simple trick to get a fixed-width sidebar

With the advent of mobile devices, a full world of screen sizes appeared. And responsive designs, such as fluid layout solutions were developed to offer visitors a cool and easy-to-navigate website. Responsive web design patterns are constantly evolving, but there… Continue Reading →

Webfonts – How to create customized vector icon fonts

Why create custom Webfonts? By now, you’ve probably heard all about the great benefits of using Webfonts on websites. If you are a web developer you almost certainly used products like Font Awesome or Symbolset to implement an icon font… Continue Reading →

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