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JavaScript Promises. From basic to advanced

What are JavaScript Promises? Promises are basically a major improvement of callbacks in JavaScript. Before the introduction of promises, events and callback functions were used to handle asynchronous operations. However, events were not good at handling asynchronous operations and callbacks… Continue Reading →

Object properties iteration in JavaScript

In the previous article, we looked at the tools JavaScript offers to perform Array iteration. With this fresh in our minds, we’ll take a look at the tools JavaScript offers for object properties iteration. That is, walking through object properties… Continue Reading →

Iteration in JavaScript Arrays

Array and object iteration (i.e., walking through its elements while performing an action with each of them) is one of the most basic tasks in programming. In JavaScript, the Array data type is a list of elements. Unlike other programming… Continue Reading →

React components: Pick the right flavor

As in most modern JavaScript frameworks (Angular, Vue.js, etc.), React is a framework based on the concept of components. Within this framework, there are different types of components (class components, function components, pure components, etc.), each with their own advantages… Continue Reading →

React Router: Make that link Wait!

When using React Router, one of the most commonly used components to navigate around an SPA (Single-Page Application) is the <Link>. In most applications, this component is the primary way to allow users to navigate around a React Application. The… Continue Reading →

JavaScript Functions and ES6. When and How

ES6 is a major update to JavaScript that includes dozens of new features, along with some cool new features that make programming in JavaScript more flexible and streamlined. Before ES6, functions were defined using either a “function declaration” or a… Continue Reading →

Using Random Numbers in MySQL – A few use cases

Although you might not expect it, random numbers are used in databases quite often, especially when generating dummy data, providing randomized lists of products, to name just a couple. For instance, let’s say you have a table named “productData” and… Continue Reading →

Program Execution Model and External Resources

When developing software, especially when it’s meant to run high-performance tasks, it’s important to be aware of how the code  will run on the target machine. This is known as the execution model and is important to optimize the code… Continue Reading →

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